The Team


Stuart Baker

Founder and president of The Branding Merchants Inc., Stuart Baker is one of Canada’s leading thinkers in organizational identity and branding. Originally from Toronto, Stuart graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Economics.

Starting in 1985, Stuart developed his strategic and branding skills managing major accounts for two international advertising agencies, Young & Rubicam and Leo Burnett. He’s worked with such clients as Kodak, Proctor & Gamble, Nabisco, General Foods, Adidas, Labatt and Moosehead Breweries.

The Branding Merchants Inc. was formed in 1998. Stuart developed his organizational branding methodology and the proprietary process which has assisted clients across a number of industries evolve their identity and align with their core purpose.

and Robert Paterson


Rob Paterson was formerly SVP HR at CIBC, one of North America;s largest banks. Since 1995, he has been in private practice – The Renewal Consulting Group.

The focus of his work is helping organizations make the shift to a more networked and “Natural” state.

While much of his work is about the theory of what a “Natural Organization might be and how to get there – much of the theory stems from projects that are now working in the world.

Such as at NPR where he lead the “New Realities” project that involved over 1,000 people and most of the stations in Public Radio in America. New Realities set the context for the current work to find a new role for Public Radio. While the work is far from over, Public Radio is in a class of its own as all media organizations struggle to find a new model in the web age.

The same is true for Public TV where Rob is the lead consultant for KETC a Public TV station in St Louis that has become the catalyst for the shift for much of Public TV and Radio to add a new role of local community convener. The Facing the Mortgage Crisis Project, funded by CPB, involves over 70 stations in 32 of the hardest hit cities in America.

The same is true for research. The PEI BioAlliance is another land mark client where the principles of a Chaordic Organization have been established in a network of Research, Business and Government. Being able to act as the science/business community that represents the entire province, has enabled the PEI BioAlliance to have a much larger impact than had the parts of the system not been so connected.


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