The Opportunity

This project is all about seeing a new pattern.

400 years ago Galileo used a new tool that enabled him to see the patterns of the moons of Venus – (The picture in our header). This enabled him to establish a new reality for humanity – that the obvious observation that the Earth was the centre of the Universe was incorrect and that the sun was a centre of our local system and that an immense system of stars was out there. Louis Pasteur used a new tool that enables him to see that much of disease that afflicted people was caused by the interaction of bacteria – entities that had never been seen before.

They solved problems of “sight”. What we “see” is often wrong. Wrong in that we have too narrow a view. When we see the wider view, many problems go away and many new opportunities arise. In a way, the world becomes more simple – we can make predictions and plans.

Think of our economy – it’s not rational! Think of education – it’s not about testing! Think about health – it’s not about medicine! Think about war – it’s not about troops!

What if there was a way of “seeing” the patterns of human society as Galileo saw the moons of Venus. if we could see them, then we could make assumptions abut how they would play out that would be valid a lot of the time. Not all the time, but we would know the probabilities. We could make plans. We could locate ourselves and know what the best thing will be to do.

The universe that we need to explore is not the heavens or the insides of our body but it will be human culture. For it is our culture that shapes us and defines our reality.

So this tool will offer not a “sight” but an “insight”.

We call this The Power Up Project because, we are finding that when we use this Insight we are empowered. We can “see” what is going on. With another individual, in a group and in society. We can see the patterns. We can see the fit and the gaps. We can see what to do or what has to happen.

We call this a Project, because while we can see the starting point, this is 1615 in terms of cosmology or the 1870’s in terms of germ theory. We call this a project because, because we are not alone in this work. many are working on this as well.

We intend to explore our own unfinished ideas here with you and to include as much work by others along the same lines as we can discover.



4 responses to “The Opportunity

  1. I’d like to congratulate you on this initiative and to suggest a thinker you will probably find well worth encountering. At you will find the work of Philip Henshaw, an architect, scientist and environmentalist. He has been working a long time to understand how natural systems grow and mature (what he calls a “physics of natural systems”) in such a way that they know when to stop growing. I think he is on to something important; certainly his work is relevant to what you’re addressing here.

    I’m working on a book on how we think about our relationship with nature. Much of my thinking and research is chronicled on the website listed.

    Aside: my father-in-law was an islander, from Summerside. My wife and I go every summer to Chelton, P.E.I.

  2. Many thanks – I will dive into your site and Philip Henshaw’s – our hope is that we might find enough people like you who are looking more deeply at nature that we may be able to help bring Nature into more prominence as our context and as a model. It is weird that we don’t isn’t it?

  3. I appreciate your quoting me so generously on your blog. The more these underground runners of thought spread, the more green shoots there will eventually be.
    I feel I’ve learned a lot from some recent thinkers in biology and ecology — if you like, I would be happy to send you the manuscript I’m working on. Many of the same thoughts that are in my ms. are laid out on my website in an earlier form, as a chronicle; the manuscript tries to organize them as an unfolding train of thought, and it eventually goes beyond what’s on the site.

  4. Love to see your paper – I will email you directly – Thanks

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