How to use a “Cultural Map” to get what you want

So we conclude this video series with 2 videos that sum up with how to use this idea to get what I think we all want – which is – to find out very quickly where we are now and then to see what we can do to affect our culture to start to get us on the path to the outcomes that we seek.

Of course the choice to do this is ours but all will be able to see it and the choices.

In this video we look at why would we care.

We have seen that we understand by seeing patterns. Until now we have focused on tangibles. Stuarts premise is that there is more value at looking at the pattern of the intangibles.

The key intangible is culture. So if we can see this pattern, we can map our way to the future.

Key to this pattern is our role.

We know what this is for parenting.

If we follow this we can have a quick look at any organization and see where it is and then make some valid decisions about what is going on and what to do.

It is as simple as seeing your role clearly.

All the gaps stem from this.

In this video we look at how we can use this new tool to “See” a new view of reality just as Galileo or Pasteur offered a new insight.

Start with “What is our role and then how can we be more effective”

Then is the culture and leadership aligned

Then is the org aligned

Then is the service/product aligned

The there must be a “face” can be an icon or a story.

We have relationships with a “face/icon”

Not with an institution. Icons and Symbols are best.

All must be aligned.

Without this you can all be very very hard creating entropy.

When you do this it will not be hard. With all aligned – there is very little friction. Flow – which is also a reward in itself.


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