How do we get out of the “Echo Chamber”?

Each part of the triad cannot make progress on their own.

The optimal path for natural and healthy growth demands all three.

In our bodies, we have a regulatory system. In DNA there is P53 that keeps the harmony of the system. The planet has a regulatory system that keeps the system in a range of limits for life – most of the time that is.

Ideally government can do this – though this seems to have been captured by the provider archetype and by the providers.

We speculate that a new model for “managing” organizations may be what we need. A facilitating structure?

But the early work that we can all do without finding the answer to this thorny question is to align your organization to the values demanded by the role.

Values are not Cherry Picked out in a meeting on Values – but are core to the real essence of what you do.

So for instance Health Care is at its core a Nurturing Value – but in the US is is Primarily a Provider role – so there are 40 million “losers” and this can never be fixed in this value set.

The first question that we can answer is “what is our core role?” and how do we then balance other values and their roles below this.

I  hope that this short video will help you see how this works

We look at Public Transit and Health Care.

What you will see is that there are layers of values that you can see as being best for what you do – that is the essence of the “Map”

You will see that “seeing” this Map is very easy – you can look at any organization and in minutes see the fit or the gaps.


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