Why are we stuck – the values clash revealed

We can reduce the entire spectrum of the core values of culture into 3 types. Nurturers, Providers and Pioneers. Here is a link to the entire idea – so you can see more context.

In this video we look more at the Nurturer and then discuss Provider.

The key is that there is a combination of the 3 values like the 3 primary colors.

So lets assign Green to Nurturer. Everyone will have a dominant and then have a mix. There is not an ethical issue here. No one area is “better” than the other. A mix is essential.

As a Nurturer you will lean to helping others.

They will never survive on their own nor will it grow. It will not create wealth or things that we need. They don’t create material things.

The values that create the world of wealth conflict with nurturing. So lets look next at Red – the Providers

In this video we look at the role of the Provider – the Red Zone.

Providers in a zero sum universe – I win or you do! They are very focused. They are very competitive. Winners and Losers. Tiger Woods is a good example. So focused on being all focused on that shot.

There is no good or bad – this attribute is essential for the larger whole.

Any for profit organization must have this first – transactional first.

Have to give the least to get more. So I don’t ask any big picture questions. Risk is that trend to efficiency versus effectiveness. So like Big Ag – in the end I deplete over time and then fail – same with the financial system.

Like Nurturers need other roles too.
For a good provider will screen all else out.

We are stuck right now because we take a moral view of what is right or wrong.

Better to see the issue as one of balance.


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