Growth – Cancer or “True” Growth – What’s the Difference

Is one of our problems today that when we talk of Growth – we get Cancer – a type of growth that feeds on the host rather than allows the host to grow?

Here Stuart shows us the difference and how to set up the pathway for “True” Growth. He sets us up to see that the ideal conditions for True Growth is a balance of values – that an over focus on one value leads to the Cancer type.

It is the environment that affects the kind of growth we have. For most things that means an optimal physical environment. But for humans it means an optimal Cultural environment.

Let’s see the difference.

An acorn, in its ideal environment, will grow into not only a tree but over time into a huge forest that offers a home for a huge ecosystem. Inside this system is a vast network of intangibles and unseen connections. As the system grows it get more complex and the intangibles interact in ever more complex ways. As a real growth happens, the “effort” is less and less and the ROI gets higher.

But we as humans tend to think that we can ignore the environment and use force and physical leverage to get nature to work harder for us. For a while this works but then it fails.

So in farming we strip out nearly element and add ever more outside energy. There is a huge early return but over time the ROI goes down. Finally there is collapse. We choose not to work with nature and so make our work hard and in the end futile.

In organizations the model is the same as it is for farming and in the end so are the results. We tend to try and use force and physical leverage to get results.

This leads to a type of Cancer Growth that destroys the host. This POV is a values construct. It is not because we are stupid or evil. We have been captured by a meme of dominance and of “Winning” – the word “Win” will mean more to you as we reveal more of the patterns that make up culture.

If we can see the natural model for growth as a starting point, then we can then move onto seeing how we can make it easier to use this better way. This will imply a balance between the 3 main sets of values that make up the system of human values.

In the next video we will introduce you to the whole picture/map.


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