Our work – Find the map

In this video we will look more deeply at the Mapping Process

There is no greater predictor of how a person or an organization will turn out over time is culture or the aggregation of values.

So if we can see what is a healthy culture versus what we have we can do a gap analysis.

All in nature has a pattern. So if we can see what the pattern is for the intangible – culture – we can see where we are and where we are going.

With a map we have a starting point – Galileo and Pasteur gave us a fantastic starting point for a map for values and culture.

So if we can find this “map” we will have a good chance. Here in the next video is the starting point for a Map.

Here we look at “Seeing” the New Map and its power. Such as Galileo saw how the heavens really worked. Pasteur saw how germs worked.

So Stuart has “seen” that it is the Intangibles that drive what happens to people.

That there is a pattern to them that like the heavens or germs can allow us to make predictive thoughts and assumptions.

The Starting Point is our culture – so what are the parts and connections in culture that will help us.

This is a Copernican POV – we put the intangibles first not the tangibles.

Stuart introduces the idea that within human culture there are only 3 main “parts” just as DNA has only 4 and most complex systems have only 3 rules.

So the system has a “simple” starting point. The complexity comes from the many interactions.

Just as color only has 3 primary colors – but an infinite number of colors and shades that are derived from these three.

We will soon talk about these three and will start with Nurturing

Values are not chosen by you – they are you. Lining up to your real values is how you become most effective and grow in a healthy way.


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