The Intangibles are not soft – they drive everything

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Many of us know that we are in trouble, the economy, the environment, social justice are all going the wrong way. But they are frustrated that others not only don’t seem to see this but continue to work hard to make the trouble worse.

So the response is to think that these people are bad or worse evil. The response of many in business and politics is to think that those who “care” are unrealistic nuts. Worse, there is another third, small group of  people who can see beyond the problems and see solutions. But no one wants to listen. So they think that the other two groups are stupid.

The result is that we seem stuck. Those who know we have to take better care of each other and of the planet are frustrated and angry. Those who know we have to make a living feel blamed. Those who know the way feel ignored.

Can we find a way though this?

Yes I think we can. If we can see that this impasse is a consequence of our human culture. It is not about good versus evil but because we don’t have a lens to “see” how human culture is made as a system. It’s just like it was very hard to navigate before Galileo’s helio-centric view of the heavens was generally accepted. It was impossible to cope with infectious disease before Pasteur’s view of germs was accepted.

It’s all about “Seeing” the rules of the system. Once you can do that, you can act upon it with some confidence.

This blog is here to help us explore the system of human culture and to see its rules. You will be shocked at how simple the system is. Like all natural systems, it has few parts and few rules. But as in all natural systems, these can combine to offer infinite complexity. So my promise to you is that the initial insight is exceptionally easy to “get”. Not only will you understand it easily, but you will be able to use the ideas immediately to make sense of what confronts you.

Here is a link to a short summary of what we will be talking about in the 9 videos

Central to any new insight like this, is a person who has “seen” the new. In our case this person is my friend, Stuart Baker who has been working on this insight now for more than a decade.

We have recorded a series of 9 short videos that will take you through his discovery. What you will find by the end is that you will be able to “see” how our culture works or not. What the ideal would be. How to diagnose problems in hours. How to see what might have to be done to improve things.

Here he opens with what may seem like heresy – that it is the intangibles that shape the tangibles. Just a gravity, an unseen force, shapes the universe, so culture shapes human society and our impact on the planet. This arena of intangibles is our human culture.

It is our culture that enables us to adapt to changing environments or not. Our use of fire and clothes and tools took us from the world of all other species that had to rely on their bodies adaptation.

When confronted with a challenge, the key is to find a response that can be accepted by our culture. When organizing, the best organizations line up along their ideal culture or sets of values.

When we fail to adapt, the failing is a block caused by problems in our culture. When organizations fail, they too have evolved along a cultural path that is not ideal.

This may seem like heresy because we think that it is our actions or our reason that have priority. Many think that if they only do the right things with their kids, that they will be well nurtured and have the best chance – not true. Many hope that if they could only offer the facts, the other would agree. But as anyone who has been in a conflict of ideas knows, you will never argue your way to success.

But if you understand gravity and its rules, understand bacteria and their rules, understand culture and its rules then you can do a lot. That is why we call this the Power Up Project – if you have the map, you can know where you are and where is best to go – this is power. You have a lot more control back in an uncertain world.

Welcome to a new way of being and seeing. I will be posting a new video every 2 days.


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